Backup‌ &‌ Storage‌ Solution

How critical is your data?
Can you confidently say that your company data is safe and in an unfortunate situation like fire or any other calamity you can retrieve your important and critical data?

Do you have a business continuity plan?

Are you sure that your data storage policies and user / department file share policies are perfect and safe? Are you sure that unauthorized personnel do not have access to corporate information?

Is your data storage and backup policy well defined and documented?

The above questions are relevant to any company big or small; Yes, data is critical and important for everybody. Because you can buy anything but not data.

There are many companies suffering from bad or no proper data storage and backup policies. There is no point repenting once critical data is lost. Data lost is lost forever. Your data is your asset and you need to protect it well with good policy management

So if you are well aware of the consequences of losing data, what’s stopping you from having a good data storage and backup policy in place.

At Global Track Solution we have a dedicated team of professionals who would sit with you, understand your current network setup, pain points and define, design and enforce a good storage and backup policies. Whether at your premises, data centre or in the cloud.

Global Track Technologies is certified by the following vendors for data storage and data backup solutions.

  • HP : DAS, NAS, SAN
  • Symantec Veritas : Backup Software, Disaster Recovery, Continuous Backup
  • HP : Tape Drive, Tape Autoloader, Tape Library, Data Protector Backup Software
  • IBM : Tape Drive, Tape Autoloader, Tape Library, Tivoli Backup software

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