Data Security

Data security is critical to protecting your business. The network perimeter is increasingly porous, and malware continues to spread. Organizations experience frequent security threats to their data centers from both the Internet and internal networks.

Data Security contains the following components:

  • Threat control and defense with intrusion prevention system(IPS)
  • Application and content security
  • Virtualization security (virtual firewall)
  • Highly secure access

Data center security helps organizations to:

  • Secure physical and virtual computing environments
  • Establish trusted access
  • Identify and respond to evolving threats
  • Protect critical assets
  • Enforce business policies

As Global Track Technologies Team we are specialized in Data Centre Security by implementing:

  • Hardware Devices & Appliance for Threat Control
  • Software for Threat Control and Defense like Firewall, VPN and IPS

Advantage of VPN Connectivity

  • Link remote offices or tele-workers using the public internet across the road, across town or across the world.
  • Keep your company confidential data behind your firewall
  • High‐security encryption(3DES,AESetc.)Use ADSL, Cable Modem, ISD Nordial‐uplinks to the Internet at either end
  • Save huge sums of money against leased lines or direct dial‐up access
  • Remote offices & Remote Users can be set up quickly, or temporarily deployed
  • Remote users can ‘dial‐in’over VPN from anywhere in the world, for example from airport lounges with internet access or hotel rooms.
  • Temporary remote links can be deployed efficiently
  • Use ADSL, cable modem or ISDN links to the Internet
  • Support for multiple simultaneous tunnels and remote workers

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