Public Addressing Solutions

Public Addressing/ Audio Visual Usage

We see/hear Public Address systems, or PA Systems are, in use in hotels, football grounds, shopping centers, banks, Post Offices, super markets, offices, factories and concerts. Public Address systems (PA Systems) can easily be installed as a simple stand‐alone system or it can be integrated within CCTV, Access Control or Fire Alarm Systems. Public Address systems (PA Systems) can be used in a number of applications from small retail outlets to large terminal buildings.

Audio Visual can be used for:

  • Data, video, and graphics presentation systems
  • Distance learning and video conferencing
  • Audio visual systems control and integration
  • Digital signage
  • Video production and post‐ production
  • Media storage and distribution
  • Digital and film projection

As a Global Track Team we are specialized in:

  • IP & Non‐IP Public Addressing System Design & Installation
  • Back Ground Music System Design & Installation
  • Audio Visual Design & Installation for:

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