Virtualization unites computer, network , and storage access into a single cohesive system. Server virtualization provides the following benefits:

  • Consolidated workloads, raised utilization levels, and reduced operating capital, space, power and cooling expenses.
  • Ability to move workloads dynamically within a virtualization pool for greater flexibility
  • Optimized performance and service levels
  • Capability to scale existing applications or deploy new ones by creating more virtual machines using an existing pool of resources
  • High‐availability and disaster‐recovery features

As Global Track Team we do server virtualization

  • Using Microsoft Solution
  • Red Hat Solution
  • VM Ware Solution

Desktop Virtualization

A desktop virtualization solution provides an optimized infrastructure to host virtual desktops. Desktop virtualization solutions help IT:

  • Increase administrative control and data security
  • Provide a near native end user computing experience
  • Ease the migration to newer desktop operating systems
  • Regain control over desktop TCO
  • Security, policy, and desktop delivery optimization
  • Simplified management

As Global Track Team we do Desktop virtualization

  • Using Citrix Solution
  • Using VM ware Solution

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