VPN Solution

Over the past few years, the demand for VPNs (virtual private networks) has dramatically increased. More and more organizations are discovering the advantages of running their operations through a private and secure network, as well as the flexibility a VPN connection can afford.

A VPN connection offers a complete solution for companies seeking a cost‐effective method of transferring data between users in one or more locations. Because of the nature of a broadband or MPLS VPN connection, organizations are able to dramatically increase their upload and download speeds across a secure uncontained network. A VPN connection is used uniquely by the company and therefore connection speeds and reliability can be guaranteed, as no other users are interfering with the performance of the VPN connection. Through the use of a VPN connection, businesses are able to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, VPN connections offer a reliable and secure flow of data. All VPN’s operate using state‐of‐the‐art protection tools and software, ensuring that confidential and private data remains protected. A managed VPN connection also gives remote users secure access and individuals can safely transfer information as well as experiencing high speed access, providing a company with a reliable virtual environment to work within.

Advantage of VPN Connectivity

  • Link remote offices or tele-workers using the public internet across the road, across town or across the world.
  • Keep your company confidential data behind your firewall
  • High‐security encryption(3DES,AESetc.)Use ADSL, Cable Modem, ISD Nordial‐uplinks to the Internet at either end
  • Save huge sums of money against leased lines or direct dial‐up access
  • Remote offices & Remote Users can be set up quickly, or temporarily deployed
  • Remote users can ‘dial‐in’over VPN from anywhere in the world, for example from airport lounges with internet access or hotel rooms.
  • Temporary remote links can be deployed efficiently
  • Use ADSL, cable modem or ISDN links to the Internet
  • Support for multiple simultaneous tunnels and remote workers

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